Easter EggsEaster is big in Norway. Easter weekend is when Norway shuts down the most thoroughly – supermarkets and shops and businesses will be shut from Wednesday at noon through Friday, some opening for a half-day on Saturday and then definitely closing again on Sunday and Monday. School is out for the whole week between Palm Sunday (which is this weekend) and actual Easter.

Easter is traditionally spent skiing. This is the best time for skiing, really. The days are long and the sun warms you but there’s still snow in the mountains, so you can ski in a bikini if the weather’s good, and you can go for those long excursions that are impossible at Christmas when the days are so short. A lot of people will come back from their Easter holidays with a tanned face and hands. Of course, most of us don’t actually go to the mountains – we just laze about.

Me, I’m going to be offline. Or at least Not Working. Not a bit. Assuming I can wrap up all the loose ends today….

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