Hilde and I just hired an assistant to help with the practical organisation of the World of Warcraft research workshop we’re hosting in November. Hooray! Now we have to set the program and then next week, travel and so on can be organised. Hm, maybe we should make guild tabards out of brown paper bags or something 😉

The workshop won’t be open, I’m afraid, apart from maybe one brief session. We’re working on an anthology of cultural approaches to World of Warcraft and so we’ll literally be workshopping draft chapters. It should be a lot of fun and very useful.

3 thoughts on “delegation

  1. Luca /Gahrotz

    something I’ve never asked. Is the workshop closed also to guild members not directly involved in the book?

  2. Jill

    Guild members are welcome, especially ones like you who would likely have lots of useful feedback for us! And of course in addition to workshopping our articles there’ll be social stuff we’d love you to join in on, Luca. But due to limited funds we won’t be able to help with flights etc, I’m afraid. Email Hilde or me if you’d like the info 🙂

    The workshop won’t be open to the general public, though – that’ll be a different event, maybe.

  3. Luca /Gahrotz

    Thanks a lot Jill! I’m going to write to Hilde (or to you?) soon to get some more detailed information. 🙂

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