Google Scholar has a nifty new (?) feature where you can claim and manage your own articles. It suggested I start using it when I searched for my own name (um, I had some reason, I can’t remember what, now…) and I suppose it was rather obvious to Google that I was searching for me since I was logged in. It gives you a nice overview of your articles and how many citations it thinks they have, allows you to merge duplicates, which makes it all a lot prettier, and now, if you search for me on Google Scholar, you’ll see my affiliation and get a much neater list of my articles than before. I suppose it’s sort of narcissistic, but I would certainly find it useful to see author profiles like that for other scholars I search for. A problem with Google Scholar previously has been that with only initials it can be hard to tell who the author actually is. Oh, and it’s private by default – I opted for public because, well, why not.


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  1. Anne Helmond

    Thanks, just created a profile as well!

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