I’m going to Copenhagen, no, let me use the more affectionate K¯ben, this weekend, to visit Susana and Lisbeth and hopefully see Espen and Jesper and everyone else too. I’ll be bringing my camera, of course, but doubt I’ll be blogging. This is hardly an earth-shattering catastrophe; I’ll only be gone two days.

Noah‘s going to be here in Bergen next week, which will be another treat. If you’re in town you’re welcome to come listen to him present his artistic work on Thursday at 10:15-12, room 264 in the HF-building behind Johanneskirken. Afterwards you might like to come and have lunch at PÂ H¯yden with all the other cool, creative netheads in town. Oh yes.

2 thoughts on “coming up

  1. Elin

    “This is hardly an earth-shattering catastrophe; ”
    ….. you mean hardly an earth-shattering bloggostrophe:-)

    You’re so lucky!
    By the way – did you notice Susanna’s new webpage? It has pink, too!

  2. Annelogue

    Celebrity Bloggers in Real Life
    …I usually read Jill.txt every day. It’s a good Blog, it’s updated every day with very interesting stuff. I don’t know when I started to read this blog, but I’ve been reading it for about a year. Last August I…

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