I’ve exhausted my liveblogging enthusiasm, but it doesn’t really matter since the videos of the presentations are being put up anyway. Kathleen’s talk on The Pleasure of the Blog was really interesting, and I’m excited that we’re thinking about similar things but in usefully different ways. Right now there’s a presentation of a study of German political blogs during the campaign. There’s some useful looking data here – statistics on who blogs and a summary of success factors for political blogs based on their research – and this is all conveniently gathered in a full paper for your reading pleasure: Weblogs in Political Campaigns: The Critical Success Factors by Roland Abold and Maren Heltsche.
The videos of both will be linked from the program page.

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  1. craig

    Blogs in politics sounds just so middle class Jill. Come on. I don’t mean to be rude, but at least 60% of the world is much more Left wing than that. Have you got any working class mates? Have a beer and a chat with someone who rally understands politics. Choose a side. I dare you.

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