Here’s a really hot trading tip: Jorunn Danielsen’s Andedammen is currently valued at ZERO dollars in the fictive blog share market game This means you can buy shares in her blog for free, and then, when you link to her, the value will skyrocket. Real, fictive money for free!

Blogshares is a brilliant concept. It’s like the gaming version of the short article I wrote last year on Links and power. I’m disheartened that jill/txt is only valued at $218.80, but I’ve been interested to see that almost all the blogs I regularly read and wanted to buy shares in have low valuations too. Except my teaching blog which is worth five times as much as this blog, because all the students link to it… Phil Ringnalda’s post about how using Blogshares might improve blogging is an interesting response to the predictable “you bloggers can’t see past your own links” attitude. Phil writes:

[O]ne of the best ways you can make money at BlogShares is to find unknown but interesting blogs, buy them up, and then link to them, get other people to start reading them and linking to them, and then move on to the next unknown but interesting blog.

Now that doesn’t sound like such a bad thing, does it?

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  1. Liz

    The ‘bot that does the spidering was flawed…they launched a new one on 4/2, but most of the early additions (like yours and mine) haven’t been respidered yet. I suspect our valuations will go up then. (Am counting on it…fictive wealth will be mine!)

  2. g.h.w

    Thanks for the tip, Jill. Just for fun I bought up some shares and then linked from my blog, which has been “indexed but not listed for trading.” I’m not sure what this means, but…

  3. Jill

    Ah, sounds good – I want more fictive wealth, too! and g.h.w., you have to “claim” your blog, then it will be listed for trading. When you’re logged in, and go to the page for your blog, you’ll see a list of things you can do on the right hand side of the screen. Buy, sell and CLAIM blog. To fully claim it you have to put a bit of code on the front page of your blog, which of course links back to Blogshares, which of course will give Blogshares a LOT of linkpower. I don’t think Blogshares is listed as something you can buy shares in but Google etc’ll notice all the links 😉

  4. g.h.w

    Aha. Thanks for the details, Jill. I guess if I had read the rules more carefully I would have known this already, eh?

  5. johny

    som aldri har interessert meg det d¯yt for aksjemarkedet. Men da jeg leste om Blogshares

  6. andedammen

    Kj¯p, kj¯p! Selg, selg!
    Ogs jeg som aldri har interessert meg det d¯yt for aksjemarkedet. Men da jeg leste om Blogshares hos Andersja, mÂtte

  7. george.h.williams

    limits of blogshares
    I got turned on to blogshares via Jill Walker’s entry on the subject. Jill quotes Phil Ringnalda describing the system as a “surprisingly good model,” one that will ecourage people to buy shares in inexpensive, because unread, blogs and then…

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