My god. It would appear that Poul Nyrup, the previous Prime Minister of Denmark has started blogging. When Jesper sent me the link I assumed it wass a joke, like John Howard’s blog. But it appears to be authentic. No overt parody (I think), the domain is and it’s a fairly substantial serious-looking site.

My daughter’s yelling at me to help her get breakfast so I can’t think about this. But, well, wow! I’d almost vote for him just cos he’s blogging if I were a Dane. Now if only he’d list his blog on Blogshares I’d buy shares instantly, now, before everyone links to it…

4 thoughts on “a real blogging ex-prime minister

  1. chuck tryon

    Interesting news….U.S. presidential candidate, Gary Hart, has also started a blog, and it’s certainly been valuable so far (I’m much more likely to vote for him b/c of his blog, both because of the fact of his blogging and the content). I’m still not quite sure how to interpret them, but I’m intrigued by celebrity bloggers, the way they end up negotiating public/private relations.

  2. Jill

    Here’s the link to Gary Hart’s blog, btw: I’m interested in how reading his blog makes him seem to much more real to me than other politicians. The first person voice isn’t used that often in politics – or at least not in this continuous, personal manner.

  3. chuck tryon

    I think that’s my reaction, too. His blog has given me a slightly greater sense of “participation” (or at least potential participation) in the formulation of his platform, especially through that use of first person and the existence of the comments section.

    Sorry I didn’t include the URL. I’m still developing my HTML/blogging skills (keeping a blog is helping immensely), so I was quite sure how/if that would work in the comments section.

  4. Det perfekta tomrummet

    Bloggande exminister
    Ny politikerblogg: Paul Nyrup Rasmussen. Lite roligare ‰n de e-postdistribuerade veckobrev som vÂra svenska politiker kˆr med … [L‰nk via

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