I went running along the lake, soaking up and reflecting the rays of sun and the smiles of old men walking dogs. Bergen is so beautiful in sunshine. The webcams give a suggestion but can’t possibly show you the full glory of being in a city cupped by mountains and caressed by fjords.

5 thoughts on “beauty

  1. Elin

    – and did you know that the Golden Gate in San Francisco is no more impressive than Askoybroen? Golden Gate looked kind of small, actually. Askoy broen is just as pretty!
    (but when it comes to MEN, San Francisco has THE BEST selection. One stroll in the streets and I’m having trouble keeping my head straight..)

  2. Johanna Hartelius

    Hej Jill,
    Jag ar en svensk doktorand vid University of Texas at Austin, Department of Communication Studies. Jag har forskat en del om blogs och hamnade rakt pa din forskning. Jag antar att du vet om att Harvard skall halla en konference om blogging i November, 2004.
    Hur som helst, ville bara halsa pa!
    Skicka garna ett e-mail om du vill.
    Johanna Hartelius

  3. Anne

    Bergen is a lovely city. I visited in July and wish I could have stayed longer.

  4. Thomas Petersen

    Too bad it rains most of the time. I lived there for a semester once, and after a couple of moths of rain, the summer sort of never really came.

  5. Matt K.

    I remember walking through Bergen at night, feeling like I was at the bottom of a giant bowl as the lights rose up the mountain sides all around.

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