Banksy surreptitiously hanging his work in the MetHanna told me about Banksy a few weeks ago, when I was all fascinated by the stencil artists in Bergen. Last Saturday I narrowly missed seeing his work in the New York Metropolitan Museum. Unfortunately we were happy with looking at the modern art there. If we’d only stepped over to look at older masterpieces, we might have seen an absolutely new one, hung that very day, I assume, by Banksy himself. This particular work was removed Sunday morning, but others may remain. A full photodocumentary, including photos of the works, may be perused at your leisure. (via Kottke)

3 thoughts on “banksy in new york

  1. hanna

    Seen this?

  2. Jill

    That’s excellent! And the new dates suggest that we actually missed seeing it by days, not just metres…

  3. vvoi

    i suppose one could have easily went by it, since these classical art exhibition
    tend to be slightly… welll, not-always-encouraging-to-watch.
    the problem with a lot of art that’s not ancient seems to be –
    that it can last so long…
    (well, actually, that goes for many other things/ideas as well)
    i’ve written about some other “rebel artists” on a few days ago –
    drop by whenever you like, if you like this sort of stuff, that is.

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