7 thoughts on “awww…

  1. Lisa

    Yes, she’s wandofel.

  2. Jill


  3. Thomas

    My son had his first e-mail account when he was 6 hours old. Have not used it once in the last four years the ungrateful little luddite. Have started showing an interest now though… when he pulled our HP ink-jet printer apart he said, as an excuse, “I was looking for where the e-mail comes from”. As if beeig so charming will save him (actually it does, all the time) One day when he is finishing his theis I®ll pull the plug and say “Oh, sorry I didn@t know you where working on something important” HAH! That will teach him. Maybe he will read this and repent in time…

  4. Alex

    Plus she has the uncanny mutant ability to control the weather. What could be better.

  5. Jill

    Looking for where the email comes from! Hehe.

    And the weather. Ah, yes. Such a pity her express fondness for tropical weather (“I like Malaysia best, mummy”) is combatted almost daily by this unconscious desire she appears to have for cold, windy, rainy Bergen weather. Mind you she’s doing OK this week. I don’t think she’s yet figured out how to control the rising of the sun, because the sun in teh last six years and eleven months has just been totally obedient to tradition, but no doubt she’ll work it out. Has to, with a name like that.

  6. Jill

    Oh my goodness. More mail. Aurora’s third email is obviously written with no spelling assistence at all:

    Helo how ar you wen im not god jest now be kos wen i went to rit theis mesinj to you then i bumpt mi tu su had theat a bit ov mi skin went of and it started to blid theats wi idont fiold god

    (Translation: Hello, how are you? I’m not good just now because when I went to write this message to you then I bumped my toe so hard that a bit of my skin when off and it started to bleed. Thats why I don’t feel good.)

    The rest of the email was ascii art.

    OK, I’m going to stop posting all her email now 🙂 I’m just so amazed – you know, first you have a baby, then suddenly the baby can TALK and tell you how she feels and you’re just flabbergasted. Now she can WRITE and even send me emails! She really truly is a person all of her own. It’s so cool! (Yes I’m a mother.)

  7. Jill

    Huh? If that last comment was a joke, wouldn’t the email have kind of looked different to the regular 419 spams?

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