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Is anything you write on Facebook reason for firing you?

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? Originally uploaded by nolifebeforecoffee‚ô° Leafing through the paper version of yesterday’s BT I was horrified to read the newspaper arguing (not online) that: It’s perfectly OK for a newspaper to print a private status update from an […]

Retten til et privatliv

[This week the newspaper wrote about a colleague who had posted a private Facebook message complaining about bad student work, and followed up with an editorial about how we always represent our employers in social media. I disagree, and sent this response […]


lesson plan: BASIC for DIKULT104

[updated after class] I taught a two hour lab on BASIC for our DIKULT104: Computing Technology: History, Theory and Practice students today. This was the first time I’ve taught BASIC, but I’m thrilled to get the chance. I have nostalgic memories of […]

len lye’s 70 year old “flash” style animations

Last weekend we took the kids to a few small art galleries in Bergen. At two, Jessica has been well-trained, and loves to go to “art zeums” (art museums), and Scott and I are all for encouraging family outings that we grownups […]

research school on climate change narratives

One of our time’s most important research areas is climate change. Most research on climate change is within the natural sciences, but it’s becoming more and more obvious that examining what has happened, what will happen and why is not sufficient. What […]

reading as destruction

I scatter the words of the old-fashioned poem across the screen with my mouse, much as my toddler relishes throwing her lego blocks willy nilly across the floor. The words, unlike the lego blocks, remain neatly contained within the spinning disc that […]