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  1. Matt Whyndham

    I’ve been drifting around in a misty mood, as befits the season. It feels like the bottom of the year to me. Someone suggested the Winter Solstice for the DILO project. The should stand up and take the credit, but they don’t feel like celebrating.

  2. vika

    I lunched with my love, gorgeous wine and cheese and cold meats and homemade bread. We shared a kiss at solstice. Then I went and got my ass kicked by the rest of the day.

  3. Lars

    Counting the days until the sun reappears. 26. Also making hideously fatty, unhealthy but insanely tasty traditional foods (sylte, rull, postei, sursild) for those endless christmas breakfasts.
    In Vard??, a few friends are celebrating the solstice with a bath in the ocean. I admire that.

  4. Jill

    But Lars, the photo you posted to your blog shows sort of sun. Or is that sunrise and sunset rolled into one? And it’s taken at noon. I guess that means it’s dark before and after?

    The photo makes it look good, anyway!

    One day I really will go North and experience winter. And I promised my daughter one day we’ll go see the Aurora Borealis. And I want to see midnight sun one day, too. Two separate trips I guess. At least.

  5. Lars

    Exactly, Jill. A sunrise followed by darkness and a sunset preceded by no daylight. Strange and beautiful, the picture does it no justice at all. Look here for some better images of winter lights (including the Aurora Borealis).
    And actually, the midnight sun is really just the regular sun, staying up late 😉

  6. Lars

    Oh, and you’re always welcome if you fancy a stay in the Arctic, of course. Look for the red house and white fence opposite Gunnar’s groceries. There’s a big boat in the garden, you can’t miss it.

  7. Jill


    I really will come and visit one day. I promise. Though, uh, I know I’ve been saying that for almost a decade, now…

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