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I’ve been working on the chapter on commercial blogging, and have been looking at Dooce.com, which is pretty much the only personal website in the top hundred blogs as ranked by Technorati, and which was also one of the first personal blogs that actually supported the blogger financially. I noticed that in 2005, when Dooce introduced graphical ads, she got a lot of complaints from readers. However, the Alexa traffic graph for her site shows that her readership increased a lot after introducing ads. It’s been sinking recently – she’s now own the 40th most popular blogger – but apparently ads didn’t scare people away, anyway. Any ideas on what might have caused the recent slump? I noticed that several big blogs have recent slumps in readership – Boingboing, Problogger, Engadget (run them through Alexa yourself, it’s fun!) – perhaps it’s simply seasonal?

alexa chart for readership of dooce.com

13. August 2007 by Jill

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