4 thoughts on “50 people see their own shadow

  1. Martin G. L.

    This reminds me of a really good piece by artist Jason Salavon. He made a mean average of every Playboy centerfold for the past four decades. On one hand, one can see the sex symbol changing over time (not surprisingly: growing blonder, paler and getting bigger breasts), on the other hand, the woman is pretty much the same in every decade.

  2. Jill

    Oh, thanks, Martin! It must be exactly the same technique! Awesome!

    There are some other interesting averaged photos from the link you gave, too.

  3. b¯rge

    I saw this on flickr too, many of them where really cool! If you’d like to do the same yourself the free Picasa 2 (www.picasa.com) application from Google has that functionality.

  4. Claus

    Very Turner-ish.

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