Month: April 2003

dagbladet and blogs

Dagbladet (the more cultural of Norway’s two major tabloids) has started up a newspaper weblog. Jon writes about it, I haven’t time to look at it now (coat, lock door, get bike, fetch book from library, daughter from after-school care, dinner, bath, […]


In weblogs groups emerge and dissipate based on what’s being discussed, whereas in a mailing list it’s the other way round: the group exists first and discussions exist within the group. Because weblogs emerge, no one has the power to unform them.


Another wedding invitation: two names and a date. A tiny red confetti heart held safe inside laminated plastic that will last forever.

wanna be my friendster?

A few weeks ago Liz invited me to join Friendster, which is a social networking site. You enter your profile, say whether you want to make friends, find business partners, date or all of the above, and then you hook up with […]


She wondered whether she should rewrite the past to explain the present. Does now negate then?

blog portal

Yes, Jarle, I agree absolutely, Humanistic Informatics should have a portal to our blogs, like they do at Harvard. We’ve talked about it. Soon we might start working on it too!

new bloggers

The New Media Theory students are using the course weblog actively, and even cooler: Wu has started her own blogspot blog, Thinking while walking and some others have set up a joint blog, La Escuelita. The New Media Theory course has a […]

boil water without a lid

According to Karlin Lillington, writing for the Irish Times, William Gibson will stop blogging when he starts writing his next novel. It sounds as though he needs privacy in order to write: He’s about ready to start thinking of his next novel […]