8 thoughts on “rewrite

  1. royby

    Historians rewrite the past with monotonous regularity, and often it is done to explain the present, but only in the terms that the present demands. In that case, the then IS negated by the now.

  2. Norman

    There was a time when a good historian was one who attempted to get closer to what advances in knowledge seemed to indicate as the most likely explanation of past events.
    Now, it often becomes a contest to see who can paint the best possible picture supporting interpretations “historians” believe “ought” to be true. A simplification? Of course — but not, regretably, unfair or an oversimplification.

  3. Lars

    Now doesn’t negate then. Then is contained within now.

  4. Lisa

    A change in present circumstances does not mean a person was not happy then.

  5. jon

    The past is brittle
    And the present, too.
    Thru words both worlds merge
    But only for a slippery moment
    because the now becomes
    the past the moment you write and
    read even this.

  6. dan

    Isn’t it called ‘remembering’?

  7. royby

    Ah.. remembering. Interestingly, (for me at least) I have just used this quote in a research task that I am busyily preparing.
    ‘Thinking holds to the coming of what has been, and is remembrance.’
    Martin Heidegger ñ The Question Concerning Technology

  8. Anonymous

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