Dagbladet (the more cultural of Norway’s two major tabloids) has started up a newspaper weblog. Jon writes about it, I haven’t time to look at it now (coat, lock door, get bike, fetch book from library, daughter from after-school care, dinner, bath, story, lullaby, thesis) but must say that a photographer from Dagbladet came and photographed me today and a journalist has been asking questions and there’ll be a piece on weblogs and web diaries soon. The weekend, maybe, the journalist said. I get to play the part of the serious researcher (forgot to put on my fake beard-and-spectacles) and others get to be the self-revealing tell-it-all-on-the-web sell-the-story characters.

4 thoughts on “dagbladet and blogs

  1. christian

    If U can’t fight them…….join them.

  2. Ray

    Among my ancestral people, “dag blad it!” would be a recognizable exclamation of annoyance. It’s probably different in Norway, though.

  3. Christian

    They should change name to Dagblogg or Dagblogget, hehe

  4. andedammen

    Min tur til  kommentere Bloggbladet
    Det er beh¯rig omtalt allerede av Jill x 2, JonBlogg (som jeg ikke fÂr permapekeren til  funke hos) og

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