(Looking for the unoffical blogosphere version of the speaker list for MiT5? Here you go!)
I’m off (in a matter of, well, months) to the States for not one but two conferences at the end of April. First up is MiT5 (Media in Transition 5, April 26-29), at MIT, which I think will be exciting although the program’s not posted yet. Luca Rossi from The Truants will be there, I know that, and I’m on a panel about “Appropriation and Collaboration in Digital Writing” with Nick Montfort and Scott Rettberg.

Then on May 3, I’ll be at ELO 2007: The Future of Electronic Literature, a symposium organised by the Electronic Literature Organisation and MITH which is to be held at the University of Maryland.

With a stop-over in New York, and winding up in Chicago, we’ll be visiting four major US cities in under two weeks. Yeeha!! And after that I’m not going anywhere work-related until DAC 2007 in Perth. Eek, the deadline for full papers is very, very soon for that…

5 thoughts on “Upcoming conferences: MiT5 and ELO2007

  1. steve

    I will be attending at least one, possibly both, of those as well.

  2. Matt K.

    Looking forward to seeing you, Jill, and maybe Steve too 🙂

    (Oh, and the link to MITH in the posting here is scrambled.)

  3. Jill

    Thanks Matt, fixed that link now 🙂

  4. jean

    I’ll be at MIT5, see you then!

  5. Jill

    Oh really? Awesome!! Damn, I wish they’d get their program up. I was thinking that it would likely be a very small, local event since there’s still no program or list of speakers just six weeks before the conference, but you’re coming from Australia, Scott and I are coming from Norway, Luca Rossi (whom I know from our WoW researchers’ guild) is coming from Italy – that’s not so local. I wonder who else will be there?

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