I don’t seem to be a very good blogger while on maternity leave – but that’s OK, I’ll be back after the New Year when I’m at work again, I’m sure. There are so many things I could have blogged over the last months, but it’s a lot easier to read blogs than to type blog posts while you’re nursing and otherwise looking after a baby, so I’ve thought more blog posts than I’ve written.

Here’s a post that’s easy to do, because the AARP has practically done it for me: look, type your name into the box below and see it emblazoned throughout the video. It’s kind of fun – and a cool strategy for trying to make a video go viral. It’s also interesting that the AARP is an organisation for over-fifty-year-olds and (in my non-American ignorance) not a traditional political organisation. And of course the message is simply to get out and vote.

AARP 08 Video
Enter your name to see who can bring real change to Washington.
First Name:
Last Name:

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