Noah’s written a useful post showing the development of the writing for the soon-to-be-released game Fable. It’s interesting seeing examples of what bits of dialogue looked like as the writers wrote it, as it was sent back by coders and rewritten by writers again.

3 thoughts on “writing for games

  1. dr. b.

    I have to admit that this is the game that will probably make me buy an XBox. *sigh*

  2. Steve

    What this showed to me was that they are desperately in need of a dialogue creation system that serves both the needs of the writer and that of the gameplay. It also shows that they need writers who are more in tune with the development process so that they aren’t wasting so much time writing dialogue that doesn’t appear in the game.

  3. Dennis G. Jerz

    I won’t buy the X-Box myself, but this game has made me decide to apply for a grant to buy one for the library. We’ll see how that goes!

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