Mark Pilgrim has an eloquent post about reasons why open source software is good, and it’s not about the money. He’s switched to WordPress, as hordes of other bloggers are doing. I haven’t researched the alternatives, but WordPress does look good. Not sufficient for my students, but I’ve got half a year to work that out. WordPress have even set up an installation you can play with – simply log in as admin/demo. The installation looks a lot simpler than the Moveable Type installation, except I’m going to find out what my server’s MySQL setup is. Which shouldn’t be too hard.

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  1. hanna

    The installation and MT import are both very easy. I moved to WordPress yesterday and found that the entire procedure (installation, import, editing templates, installing blacklist) only took a few hours. Definitely worth doingóso far WordPress seems great!

  2. bob

    in 4 or so years of blogging, i’ve used just about every blogging tool out there — MT, blosxom, blogger, greymatter (the list goes on). I’d have to say that I like wordpress the best so far. hanna is right that setup is easy, and WP already has a decent community of supporters and people coding cool plug-ins. The only real weakness for me right now seems to be the lack of multi-blog support, but I suspect that’s in the works.

  3. drunkenbatman

    OpenCMSs website rocks in general, it’s helped me out quite a bit.

  4. Carthik

    I used to read your blog regularly a while ago, and I was pleased to find you had bookmarked my howto migrate to wp in delicious/jill 🙂
    come over to #wordpress on if you need help. I would be glad to help you move. 🙂

  5. hanna

    In an act of wild procrastination, I’ve written a set of instructions for those looking to migrate from MT to WP. Check ’em out here.

  6. Kevin Lahoda

    Aside from WordPress, check out bblog for a very nice up-and-coming open source blogging app.

    Easy to install, nice plug-in architecture for developers.

  7. Cool Blog

    “Ce n’est pas une question d’argent mais de libertÈ” dÈclare Mark Pilgrim en optant pour le logiciel de blogs WordPress
    Via Jill. Mark Pilgrim, blogueur-phare explique pourquoi il a choisi d’opter pour WordPress au lieu de MovableType : le choix de la licence GPL-GNU n’y est pas pour rien.En filigrane, Mark introduit la notion de libertÈ, l’amÈlioration d’une communautÈ…

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