People don’t whisper in the library here. I wonder if that’s a Stockton thing or an American thing?

I looked (not sternly even) at the guy yakking on to the woman at the desk behind me and he instantly went “sorry, am I disturbing you?” so there’s an awareness at some level, but then his attempts at whispering were comically loud.

My typing might be really annoying, come to think of it.

4 thoughts on “whisper

  1. William Wend

    Oh, do not get me started about the very low levels of tact and manners at Stockton. If it isnít cell phones going off in the library, itís answering them and talking (!?!?). No one seems to know how to clean up after him or herself either. My night course on Thursday evenings, by the end of the night, has tons of Wawa coffee cups and candy wrappers all over the floor. I make a point of staying an extra minute or two to try to clean up a bit. No one ever pushes in his or her chairs either.

  2. Andy

    The students here at Stockton just don’t seem to care – the cell phines are always ringing even in the classrooms.

  3. Andy

    PS You must have been really bored – you should just come by Scott’s classes and learn with us.

  4. secret admirer

    Was that you with all the typing? Clickety clack clickety clack. I could barely hear my cellphone conversation. I had a hard time explaining to the pizza delivery guy what carrol I was in. And go easy on the page turning, wouldya?

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