The current exchange rate on Runetotem, the server I’ve mostly been playing World of Warcraft on, is 100 gold coins for US$11.10. Rates vary quite a lot from server to server, and gold on US servers seems to be systematically cheaper than on European servers. Cheaper labour, perhaps. The differences between Alliance and Horde gold aren’t too big, it seems.

As a still low level warrior, my mind boggles at what I could buy for 100 gold coins. The armour! The equiptment! Maybe even one of those bird things to fly on!!! Though I guess I’d need to level up to pilot one. (Castronova’s paper on how EverQuest has an economy as important as any UN sanctioned nation state is of course the required reading on this matter.)

3 thoughts on “what my character could buy for 100 gold

  1. Linn

    This is a subject that I’m deeply involved in and I’ve read too much on it! So those of you who want an update that’s factual, to the point and covers most bases take a look at Washington Posts’ (I’m sorry…I’ve lost track of what I’m paying for and not in subscriptions, so if you have to pay….believe me…it’s worth it!). This article has to be the most well written and well researched one I’ve read so far from the media…most are just not getting past this ‘ can make REAL money?’ thing, this article takes a step back and really sumarises what it’s all about! Although I really have to recomend Castronova’s writing as well! I could write about this extensively…oops…I suppose that’s what I’m really supposed to be doing on my thesis isn’t it? But check out Castronova’s Ludium: – only those who dare can be genius’!

  2. torill

    don’t think those birds are for sale Jill, they are kind of like public transit. But you will get to ride one 🙂

    We’ll have to find a windrider, really. Next time.

  3. Ryan

    You don’t get to pilot them either. But you get a nice scene the first time round I suppose!

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