[16:42 Norway time Jan 20, 2017: I’ll update this post if more Inauguration-related content appears on Snapchat – and do let me know if there is content in the US that I can’t see here in Norway!]

I’m interested in how Snapchat will tell the story of today’s inauguration of Trump and of tomorrow’s Women’s March on Washington, both in personal Snapchat stories, and I hope, in one or more Live Stories. But Snapchat has been remarkably un-political in its Live Stories of late. This morning, I still see the one posted yesterday about “Winning at Winter”, full of people skiing and snowboarding and enjoying the snow. Nothing else. Is Snapchat deliberately ignoring the inauguration? It seems like the sort of thing they would typically do a live story on. After all, they did Brexit and the US primaries and election. Maybe a live story will appear later on – or maybe it’s a deliberate slight. (The first screenshot here is from yesterday, so there is a Discover story there from yesterday that isn’t there today.)

IMG_0679 IMG_0683 Screenshots from Winning at Winter Live Story 20 Jan 2017

There is some inauguration-related Discover Content on Snapchat today (as seen in Norway). Here is the complete list, for future historians:

  1. Daily Mail: Can you recognise retro Kim (photos of Kim Kardashian in underwear)
  2. Cosmopolitan: The Most Famous Butts on Instagram (photo of woman doing yoga pose with very perky butt)
  3. Vice: Why These Billionaires are Richer than Half the World
  4. MTV: Kylie’s First Ever Insta Photos are Pure Gold
  5. Mashable: How to Keep Your Texts Totally Private
  6. Refinery29: Popped a Zit? Try This.
  7. Food Network: How Well Do You Know Your Cheese?
  8. Brother: Leaving America? Here’s the Best Places to Live
  9. Tastemade: 13 Foods to Survive the Apocalypse
  10. CNN: A Brief History of Inauguration Screw-Ups
  11. BuzzFeed: Are You A Trusting Person?
  12. People: 12 Epic Secrets About Your Favorite Songs
  13. National Geographic: When Did People Walk Upright?
  14. Sweet: 8 Ways to Be More Powerful Starting *Now* (Photo of Barack Obama and daughter Malia)
  15. Comedy Central: These BTS Pics Ruin the Magic Of Harry Potter
  16. IGN: Fight the Good Fight with New Zelda & Injustice 2
  17. b/r sports: Zlatan or Aguero – Who You Got?

3 and 5 could be seen as political – they’re about economic inequality and privacy. 8, 9, 10 and 14 reference the inauguration, and definitely not in a pro-Trump manner.

IMG_0684 IMG_0685

IMG_0687 IMG_0686

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