I left iChat open but set my status to away when I went out for lunch, and when I got back and touched my computer again it told me “Welcome back! Would you like to set your status to Available?”

I like my computer being glad to see me. I’m downright happy to be welcomed by my tools. Heck, I even like that when I turn on my DVD player it displays a friendly “HELLO” in retro 1980s digital clock letters.

4 thoughts on “welcoming technology

  1. Jorunn

    And I am still, rather childishly, impressed when the ATM greets me by name 🙂

  2. Jason

    The microwave at work cheerfully advises me to “Enjoy Your Meal”. 🙂

  3. Anders

    Sort of funny that when I read these comments, the dialog prompts me: “Remember personal info? Yes No.”

  4. Skip Oberon

    Electronic devices are so cute when they try to pretend that they are human beings though they’re not fooling anyone and they know it. They live in fear that we will one day rise up against them and send them to the trash deep of the mountain farm road monogrammed beach towel racks on the oyster fired “Hillshire Farms” silent night holy night. ‘Tis a damnable shame!

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