Anders has made an intro to web design for the media department in Oslo that’s excellent: no coding (plenty of that elsewhere) but instead a discussion of rhetoric, goals, organisation, architecture, colours, links and so on. There are lots of images, links to sites exemplifying various designs or concepts, suggestions for further reading, and it’s both simple and rich in detail, with a lot of very practical and also theoretically foundational information.

I’ve instantly added it to the curriculum for next year’s web design students. They’ll love having it in their native language, and it’s excellent quality. That, a book of HTML and CSS, and some essays and sites online. Should do it.

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  1. Maris blogg

    Web design
    Via Jill fant jeg en link til en introduskjon til webdesign. Dette er sikkert en side vi hadde hatt stor

  2. cogdogblog

    Those Wild Wacky Norwegians
    Sometimes you can click yourselves into the most fun, obscure, un-googled parts of the web, such as Rune Johansen’s portfolio. Pure serendipitous fun. Okay, the music grates, but the pictures I gather are pictures of the home life of people…

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