Every quarter, the people at the blog tracking site Technorati share their statistics about blogs. The latest State of the Blogosphere came out November 6, and a quick skim leaves me with the following notes:

  • The number of new blogs created and posts per day is levelling off, though it’s still double what it was this time last year. This slowing may be real or it may be due to improved spam filters at Technorati; we’ll have to wait and look at stats for the next three months.
  • 39% of blogs tracked by Technorati are in English. Many caveats about the language stats (and I didn’t read them).
  • Looking at blogs with varying degrees of authority (how many people link to them) it’s clear that there’s a correlation between posting often (at least 18 times a month) and having medium or high authority. Low authority blogs post only 12 times a month on average.

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