Locative is a network of projects, I think, artistic uses of technology, space, location, wireless, mobile gadgetry, and they’re running a series of “Trans-Cultural Mapping” workshops this summer in Northern Europe. They’re currently seeking participants. The next is in Iceland: “One of the primary focuses at this workshop is the creation/development
of software/tools for artistic, collaborative, interactive (/wireless)
mapping. Thus, we’re especially interested in artists with experience in
programming/scripting/electronics. But of course we also need people who
may not be so technically oriented to use the stuff we come up with. The
dates for the workshop are June 30th till July 9th.” I heard about this in an email apparently sent to the Locative mailing list but not yet in their web archive, which was forwarded to e-kunst, a Norwegian mailing list, and it said to contact Pall Thayer if you’re interested. Maybe they cover expenses. Some such workshops do. Others don’t.

One of the next workshops, advertised briefly in this all-but-empty Wiki, is to be in Northern Norway, and is called “Mobile Outskirts: cultural mapping of northern geographical outposts”. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

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