Today I’m on a response panel after Clay Shirky’s talk here in Bergen.

But there are two other events today that may be just as interesting (and that are free – Shirky’s talk costs 990 kr, about $180, to attend). This morning at 10 am Sean Goggins is talking about group formation in social media, looking at “group emergence and leadership behaviours in Government-NGO coordination during the crisis following the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, in software engineering teams, online learning and political groups on Facebook”.

This evening, I’m really disappointed to be missing the debate on gender in the age of terror, where the gender studies group has invited anti-feminist blogger Eivind Berge to discuss (I think) both his extremist and possibly violent views on feminism and equal rights (he argues that rape is a fair strategy for equal opportunity as men have the right to sex, and has written that he plans to kill at least one police officer in his life time) and to discuss the use of social media and extremist discourse after July 22.

But given Clay Shirky is “possibly the world’s most important media intellectual” and I’m invited, I’m going to dinner with him and the Nordic Media Day crowd instead 🙂

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