• finalise curriculum for autumn’s course on networked culture
  • send compendium for autumn’s course to Studia for copying
  • finish grading
  • discuss grades with external examiner
  • fill out grade forms
  • pack
  • edit paragraphs for funding app.
  • mow lawn
  • do dishes
  • empty rubbish bin and purge fridge of perishables
  • and definitely not least: prepare panel presentation!!!

The list of stuff I’ve already done is far longer than this list. Could be far worse.

5 thoughts on “to do before leaving

  1. Helge

    Ferdig med b?•de karaktersetting og skjemautfylling?

  2. Jill

    Jepp, karkaterene er antageligvis naa oppslaatt paa seksjonen – ring Sidsel Holmberg om de ikke ligger ute i Studentweb ennaa.

  3. Helge

    Ok, de hang p?• en tavle i n?¶rheten av forkontoret. Hm, har du sendt ut mail om at det ble ferdig f??r deadline?

  4. Jill

    Nei, men det kan jeg gj??re 🙂

  5. Amy Theron

    I just saw a real beautiful movie called My Life Without Me,
    A story about a girl who find’s out she has 2 months to live and makes a to do list of things she must do before she dies,
    I guess you can find there couple of idea’s you forgot to mention!. Anyway check it’s a real nice one!

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