Thomas Friedman, author of The World Is Flat and columnist for the New York Times. This is a sampler from three new chapters he’s adding to the latest version of the book.

The first of the new chapters is called “If it’s not happening, it’s because you’re not doing it.” And he reads from it – about how small numbers of people can mobilise thousands of people to advocate against companies for instance by emailing en masse.

The second new chapter – story about how he was picked up by a taxi driver in Paris who talked on his phone and watched a movie the whole time he was meeting Friedman and later driving him to the hotel. Friedman was meanwhile working on his laptop writing a column and then listening to his iPod. The only thing they never did was talk – technology can make the near very far. The end of those foreign correspondent pieces that start “as my Paris taxi driver told me about the recent elections…” as the taxi drivers are way too busy talking on their phones to talk with foreign correspondents.

If you want to have some fun, google “myspace” and “lawsuits”…

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