Go look at this map of the world that dynamically displays blog posts, as they’re written, glued to the appropriate place on the map – it’s awesome to watch. For your blog posts to show up here, you need to have the GeoURL metatags in your index file, and to ping weblogs.com when you post. (via Frank)

4 thoughts on “the world as a blog

  1. Elin

    My mum has the exact same thing on her website – but she uses it as a guest book from http://www.bravenet.com. Maybe we can use it as a comments interface too!:-)

  2. Mesmerized
    Watch blogs appear on a global map as they update. Warning: dangerously eats away time. Alas, I wish I were this cool, but Jill found it first (actually, her post says she got it from Frank, so I’ll just trackback…

  3. beta blog

    blog world map
    this is one of those things i always wanted to see, a blog world map. as posts are blogged they dynamically pop up on a map of the world. it looks pretty cool, like synapses popping around the globe. to…


    the world as a blog
    It’s really cool to watch the messages pop up. I feel like being in heaven – looking down on the…

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