There are more and more wonderful Norwegian blogs by literary people. I particularly enjoyed a recent post by ÿystein Vidnes criticising Norwegian book design: you see, most hardbook novels are designed so the author’s face is right at the left of the lefthand fold of the dust cover, so the author stares at you the entire time you read the book.

I hadn’t actually noticed this. I suspect, though, that my lost innocence will prove irretrievable. I’ll forever more have to take the dustcover off before I can read.

Sorry, I guess now you will too, eh?

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  1. Jose Angel

    What about a caption or a sticker- text balloon to go with that: “Not bad, huh? Well your dollar’s worth, I hope. And there’s more by me: look here under the photo”.
    Well, we all need some percipi in order to esse…
    Anyway, I always remove the dustjacket, the book becomes more manageable, especially for bedtime reading.

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