Odin is not only king of the ancient norse gods, but also the main website for Norwegian goverment information (odin.dep.no), and, interestingly, the first public digital space in Norway and perhaps in Europe to include publically funded art. Marius Watz has written a program he calls Tegnemaskin 1-12, Drawing Machine 1-12, which runs on Odin’s server and generates images based on simple algorithms. A section of the day’s image is shown prominently on the front page of the site and other sections show up under the left column menu, throughout the site, so it’s quite thoroughly integrated into the site. I think, though I’m not sure, that the image generated might depend on traffic and document structures on the server. There are no project descriptions in English yet, though they’re supposed to be imminent. Does anyone know of other art installations in public digital spaces such as this?

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  1. Marius Watz

    Thanks for the mention, just a quick note to clarify: Drawing machine 1-12 are self-contained drawing systems, they don’t rely on external data like traffic or document structure. I am currently working on a new series that will relate to external data and user input. See http://www.unlekker.net/proj/drawingmachine13/ for a version of the first new drawing machine.

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