5 thoughts on “summer hiatus, i think

  1. jeremy hight

    I am giving you a comment! I love your blog and mine never gets comments……..like one hand clapping………..

    I have a paper I just published i’d like you to check out………..it was just on rhizome……………..”floating points” it proposes a new field of narrative art that triggers above cities and changes with altitude…………..

    hz-journal.org is where it is published……….

    was hoping you might link it on your blog…………..

    and would be glad to give comments…….link blogs………

    I don’t know if you know my work …..but I am credited with inventing spatial locative narrative in the project 34 north 118 west
    and a bunch of other stuff

  2. Troy Worman

    I love your blog and am looking forward to your return.

  3. Oso Raro

    You’ve broken the addiciton! How did you do it? Gum? A patch? Cold turkey? What’s your secret? 😛

  4. Addy Farmer

    Dear Jill
    I was interested to read of your research in an article in, ‘The Guardinan’
    It’s dated 2004 and I wondered if you’re still interested in ficblogs?
    My ficblog is from a nine year old boy’s perspective but there are others
    I have started a discussion group for ficblogging-I’ll send you an invute
    in case you’re interested.
    Best Wishes
    Addy Farmer

  5. YGG (no kidding)

    a blog entry [fr] about how WoW gives adequate training for corporate life : http://www.tannskaya.info/index.php/2006/07/18/281-transwowition-professionelle

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