Here’s a proper introductory page for Studier: en subjektiv og kollaborativ guide til Universitetet i Bergen, the class project my web design and web aesthetics students made last week. I captured about a third of the registered students in the photo, so these are about half of the students who regularly turn up to class. Some of my favourite individual pages include the ones woven together around the cafeterias and cafes aroudn the university. You could start with Alina’s piece about the smokers’ cafeteria, or Terje’s page about reading with a latte, or Bjarte’s homage to the 15 minute break in the middle of a double lecture. ÿyvind writes about coffee machines, while Mads I. writes about the wolves hanging from the ceilling of the Student Centre, which every new student must have wondered about. There are heaps of other creative, cool and funny pieces, too. Almost a pity we didn’t try to make it all more polished and presentable. Ah well. Can’t do everything.

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  1. Anne

    Interesting work your students have done. I can’t read the text, but the combination of the text and the graphics somehow clues you in to what it’s all about.

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