My students have started blogging. I set up a blog for each of them and the clicking of keys in class today was a pleasure to hear. My teacher’s blog for the course has a blogroll of all the students’ blogs, and I’ve tried to connect a fair number of the posts so far from there, as well. Modelling the networking and linking that happens in blogs, you know. Yes, it is rather a lot of work, and no, I’m unlikely to be able to continue doing this every week, but it’s satisfying to see the network grow. You need to seed it.

2 thoughts on “students started blogging

  1. Anne

    I create a group blog and then hub my students’ blogs around the group blog.

  2. lostlog

    Lunches are great for meetings. Today me, Gisle Frøysland, Frode Thorsen and Gitte Bastiansen sat down to discuss future plans for our joint project “Cracker”. Two conclusions:

    – When collaborating on projects, you immediately loose control of …

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