I’m telling a story in Thunder Bluff in 45 minutes. See, some non-warriors in my guild had a very glorious shield drop that can only be used by warriors. They decided to run a competition to see which of us warriors should win the shield. So a couple of nights ago we played hide and seek in Undercity. Each of the three guild members we found told us one item we would have to find and incorporate into a story we would be required to tell in public in Thunder Bluff.

The items were linen, darkhound blood and battleboar flank. The latter two were a little tricky, because you can’t actually get them without doing very low level quests – for the battleboar flank you actually have to do a whole series of very low level tauren quests.

My story will be very sad, I think. My poor warrior. OK, gotta go rehearse… Eeek!

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