I’m trying to beat my cold into submission and stay awake and alert long enough to respectably prepare tomorrow’s guest lectures in Oslo. I’m speaking to Anders‘s students, and then to the department seminar, both times on distributed narrative. I know Anders will ask (as he always asks) whether there’s really any point in calling it narrative and I had so hoped that this autumn’s research would have brought more conviction to my “I think so”. Unfortunately I seem to have spent the autumn teaching, organising a conference, drafting grant applications and papers on completely different topics, oh, and organising a website, designers, coders, promotion and steps towards a future for ELiNOR. My poor distributed narrative project got neglected.

This week’s been hard. I probably should have taken a couple of days off, but see, my cold was never really that bad. It just makes me sleepy all the time, that’s all. And it’s not like the work would have disappeared if I’d taken a day off.

Tomorrow night I’m going to be in an Oslo hotel room doing absolutely nothing. I am so looking forward to it.

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