Damn. I’d been holding back, telling myself, no, no, just write your own speech, honey, that’ll be good enough, and it’ll be yours, don’t go trying to figure out what other people say on such occasions, what you’ve got to say is what they want, otherwise they’d have asked someone else to do it. And I was doing great, I really was, until one of those pauses in writing hit me, you know the kind, and my fingers idly googled “graduation speech” and of course there are gazillions and none anything like my words and all seem far more eloquent than mine could be.

Oh dear. My speech, you see, was about how much more confident and academically mature we are now, after getting our degrees. Yeah, right.

And oh my goodness. Look, this woman is coming all the way from Palestine to attend the ceremony. There’s no way my speech can do that justice.

4 thoughts on “speech jitters

  1. Alina

    I can only say good luck, Jill 🙂 I’m sure you’ll do well! But this sure sounds scary..

  2. Jill

    Oh, thanks, Alina 🙂

    I IMed Elin in panic and feel less panicked now… Ah, it’ll be fine. And the woman from Palestine will get her money’s worth just from the robes and the beautiful building. And the champagne. I hope there’s champagne.

    What do you WEAR under a robe, anyway?

  3. Ghani

    Jill, everything you’ve ever written here has been interesting and eloquent, why would your speech be any different? And besides, I came all the way to your website from Scotland, and I’m not disappointed ;-).

  4. MisterBS

    It’s robes all the way down. 😉

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