A blog novel called M·s respeto, que soy tu madre, by Hern·n Casciar, was named best blog by Deutsche Welle. My hopelessness at Spanish means I can’t figure out whether it’s this site or more likely this more bloggy looking site, but translating from the French, the title means “some respect, I’m your mother!” and it’s being published as a book in multiple languages. Which is always a little disappointing – I mean it’s great that the author’s getting paid, but I like literature that is content to be online. Anyway, might be a great blog. (via Le Monde, via Daniel A.)

2 thoughts on “some respect, i’m your mother!

  1. Perla

    Interesting blog novel! Thank you Jill for pointing this out.
    It turns out it comes from my home country-Argentina.
    It traces the life of a middle class family since 2003-
    -time when Casciari stared this blog started. It is rich in
    historical and social commentaries narrated in a language
    loaded with idiomatic Argentine expressions used by
    different generations.

  2. lucas

    i also favour online work remaining online, jill, but sometimes when the blog project is “finished” its all a bit too much content to read for blurry square eyed audiences. when i did a printout zine version of the now finished kellerberrin dot com project, i found a lot more folks read it: while on the toilet, on the bus, etc. [conversely, lots of folks were reading it on the screen day to day, when it was still in the process of becoming…]

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