Snow on the trees outside Meterologisk Insituttt in Bergen This morning my boots slipped on black ice covering the gray stone steps outside my front door. By afternoon a soft layer of snow covered everything, silencing stress, beckoning children to make angels in the snow. By evening, a student had emailed me to ask to reschedule our meeting tomorrow so she can go tobogganing down Fl¯yen instead. We don’t have snow days and cancel school for snow in Norway. We should probably have tobogganing days, though.

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  1. fivecats

    You’d probably like Bruce Barone’s blog at:

    He posts some amazing photographs on an almost daily basis.


    And two additional points:

    1. Weez’s blog was hacked today. I emailed her and alerted Liz (who I figured had a better shot at actually getting in touch with her than I did). Liz then blogged about the hack attack and her need to back up her blogsite. If you haven’t done so lately, DO IT!

    2. Of potential interest: December issue, left hand column, third link under the cover image.

    Merry Merry!

  2. Jill

    I just backed up. Right now. Thanks!

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