I have an imac with an awesome big screen, perfect for reading PDFs, and I have a darling little powerbook with a tiny screen. I’m staying at my mum’s right now, because every wall in my apartment is about to be torn down so that it can all be rebuilt (yeeha!!!) so I’m on her network. My powerbook’s fine, but the imac is slow. It’s very strange: it’s online, but it takes several minutes to load any webpage and it times out way before it can find mail. The same webpages load fast as anything on my powerbook.

So I’m moving the PDF I have to read tonight from the powerbook to the imac using a USB thumb drive. How retro!

What on earth could the problem be?

2 thoughts on “slowness

  1. Will

    Are you running Tiger? They’ve alreadt released a patch for the new system because of a host of glitches, including a problem with Safari and PDF files.

    Also, didn’t know if you knew this or not, but you can hook one system
    up to the other as an external firewire drive.. look here for how….

  2. Jill

    Yes, Tiger! Must patch! Thanks!

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