The BBC World Service rang! They want to interview me about blogs! Blogs and fiction. Tomorrow, by phone, of course.

The BBC World Service was the background sound of my childhood. We had four different frequencies preset on the radio and knew exactly what time of day to choose each one. There were plays and there was news and jokes and ideas and callers from distant places and most importantly there were English voices in a world were nobody except my mother, father, sister and me spoke English. I think I ignored what was said as much as I listened, but the beeb and a cup of tea still mean calm to me, the hiss of static and all. There’s no static on the webcast. And now they broadcast it on the FM band anyway, no need for shortwave reception nowadays.

7 thoughts on “shortwave intereview!

  1. noah

    That’s great! I’ve been listening to the World Service up here in the Santa Cruz mountains of California. If only we could get the US to support an independent, publicly-supported media voice like the BBC.

  2. Jorunn

    Very cool! Best of luck with the interview, Jill 🙂

  3. vika

    You’re so cool! Can I touch your elbow next time you’re in town?

  4. vika

    Er, that above was written with utmost sincerity, I assure you. 🙂 BBC is great! I am, in fact, subscribed to the World Service RSS feed.

  5. Elin

    How Fab~!
    You must tell when we can expect your lovely voice to air. How exciting!

    Must Dash~ ~

  6. Elin

    (By the way – “Interreview”? Intentional? 😉

  7. Elin

    (Ok, so I added an extra R, Oopsies.)

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