crocuses.jpg I took a dozen closeups of the crocuses but they were all wrong. Giving up I stepped outside the fence, leaving them to their sunny hill, but leaving, took one last picture from the other side of the fence, through the leafless briar. Perfect.

I’m too used to interpretation and walk away worrying that I live my life like that as well, only able to appreciate joy and beauty if carefully separated from it.

It’s just a photo.

I want to lie in fields of crocuses, bask in the sun, not walk past politely staying on the other side of the fence. Leap. Dare.

2 thoughts on “separate

  1. fivecats

    Nice image.

    As one who will likely never make it to your part of the world, I’d love you see you post more images of your favorite landscapes, buildings and scenes around you. (Please?)

  2. Jill

    Hm. Well, maybe. But there are already so many photos taken of landmarks. Aclytual I think my favourite landmarks are either like these crocuses, which are always the first in town to flower and so blue and proliferous, or they’re more in the movements than in the objects: people moving across Torgalmenningen, or the way people huddle under umbrellas and spread out in warmth. Or they’re too fast for an amateur photographer like me to capture: the woman cycling past wearing a fur coat or raindrops against shoes.

    Here are lots of photos from Bergen.

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