In a recent study in Norway, male professors described their female PhD candidates as “shy, insecure and unable to distinguish between themselves and their work” where as female professors described their female PhD candidates as ambitious. I guess we see different things, huh? The study is mentioned in PÂ H¯yden this week, which is where I’ve translated that quote from. It was conducted by Elisabet Rogg and the full text is online, in Norwegian: Lyst, lidelse og legitimitet – om kj¯nnsmakt og likestilling i akademia. It doesn’t just discuss women’s experiences, though power and gender are central. There’s a quote from a male PhD candidate who experienced the ritual slaughter you get at some conferences: “Once I was so crushed I just wanted to leave. Instead I went off on my own and cried.” (my translation) Breaking into academia isn’t easy for anyone.

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