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  1. NumberCruncher

    I could not reproduce Torleiv Kl¯veís results cited by Karltk, see my comments there. Here is an alternative ranking of the Overall Publication-Faculty Ratio and a new addition: The Prestige Publication-Faculty Ratio ñ where your department, HUMINF, does much better!

    Overall Publication-Faculty Ratio
    (Publication Points/Number of Faculty)
    1. II-UiB: 1.96
    2. IfI-UiO: 0.58
    3. IDI-NTNU: 0.34
    4. Infomedia-UiB: 0.33
    5. HUMINF-UiB: 0.28
    6. SFF QoS-NTNU: 0.22
    7. IfI-Troms¯: 0.04

    New: Prestige Publication-Faculty Ratio
    (Level 2 Prestige Publication Share/Number of Faculty)
    1. II-UiB: 0.24
    2. HUMINF-UiB: 0.16
    3. IfI-UiO: 0.06
    4. IDI-NTNU: 0.04
    5. SFF QoS-NTNU: 0.03
    6. Infomedia-UiB: 0.02
    7. IfI-Troms¯: 0.00

    Note: The category ìNumber of Facultyî excludes administrative and support personnel. The ratios are based on data for the year 2004, available at http://dbh.nsd.uib.no/dbhvev/

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