The Oxford English Dictionary is brilliant for finding examples of how words have been used in literature, but it’s not so hot for science fiction and network terms. The digital meaning of “avatar” isn’t in there at all, for instance. To remedy this, volunteers, fans and OED freelancers are collecting citations of the usage of science fiction terms, asking for information from all of us, and hoping to incorporate some of this material in future editions of the OED. If you’re curious about a word Science Fiction Citations is a useful, though incomplete, source. Or perhaps you’d just like to browse?

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AI and algorithmic culture Machine Vision

Four visual registers for imaginaries of machine vision

I’m thrilled to announce another publication from our European Research Council (ERC)-funded research project on Machine Vision: Gabriele de Setaand Anya Shchetvina‘s paper analysing how Chinese AI companies visually present machine vision technologies. They find that the Chinese machine vision imaginary is global, blue and competitive.  […]