Just like Halley I’ve asked my gynaecologist whether it all looked, well, normal. You know that fear that you’re freakish, because as Halley points out, once a girl’s own pubes grow hairy they’re the only example of the species she’s likely to see. Well, except that porn magazine we found, but they were all shaven and though we’d hidden it behind some bushes one of our mothers must have found it and confiscated it because after dinner it was gone.

“Oh yes. It’s like a beautiful rose”, the doctor answered me, warmly, despite the cold metal of the speculum. It was a free clinic for teenagers and I suspect she gave those words to all of us along with the prescriptions we thought we were after. A gift like that is precious.

Halley’s comments about the penisblog, which are the main offering in the post in which that I found the questions about normality, are much more interesting than mine were.

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