These chairs are for TV viewing only. At the bus station in Philadelphia the bucket seats have black and white, plastic-coated televisions attached to them. A man used his as a pillow, the other occupants of the seats stared blankly out the window, but I, not accustomed to such things, slipped a quarter into the slot and watched Mash on a crackling screen until the bus arrived. I probably wouldn’t have found it as funny if the chairs had had Gameboys attached to them.

2 thoughts on “retro look

  1. Hans Sendker

    an absolutely ingenious photo, which I see here in Germany of the other end of the world. There are also here such contemporaries, who implement their dogs without own movement.
    About an attendance and a comment in my photo diary “Fototagebuch” I would be pleased.
    Greeting from good old Germany

  2. Hans Sendker

    The comment landed somehow with the wrong photo

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